First International Scientific and technical Conference "Computational biology - from basic science to biotechnology and biomedicine"


First International Scientific and Technical Conference "computational biology - from basic science to biotechnology and biomedicine"

9-7 December 2011
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Pushchino Scientific Center RAS
Pushchino State naturally - Research Institute
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics
The purpose of the conference:
Progress in the development of computer technology in the late 20 th and early 21 th century, introduced into biology fundamentally new research, based on computer technology to work with objects. These include: production, processing, analysis, classification and identification of biological objects based on their digital images. There computational biology as a science, which operates the electronic images - images (image) of a biological object. Working with images of biological objects - a fundamental difference of computational biology and bioinformatics, mathematical modeling of biological processes.
For 200 years the development of biology, the problem of imaging living biological objects has been one of the most "narrow" places. Failure to maintain and further image analysis prevented the full transition of biology on an adequate mathematical description of its facilities. With the advent of digital images of biological objects biology makes a decisive step on the way "from words to numbers," which means a new period in relations between biology and mathematics.
The principal new feature is the ability to create images of live biological objects, which opens up the prospect of working with a non-invasive biological object. This brings biology to a new level of research by analyzing and processing and identification of live objects. A critical component of computational biology is image analysis. Development and application of various software for the analysis of the same image - the most reliable way to verify the data.
One of the promising approaches to solving this problem are the methodology for the creation and recognition of virtual images, which developed fruitfully in many Russian mathematical school.
Conference format:
This conference aims to "meeting" of biologists and mathematicians to determine the level of current research and discussion of the challenges facing biologists to study the images. The organization of the conference involves not only to hear from the leading experts, but also to give a master class, in which:
- Biologists will present primary tasks of computational biology, the creation, processing, analysis and storage of images of biological objects.
- The developers of the various programs can demonstrate their capabilities to potential partners, customers from various areas of computational biology;
Key issues planned for discussion:
The main tasks of computational biology: the development and standardization of imaging.
Identifying the issues at work with "flat" and three-dimensional objects.
Methods and models representation of biological information.
Mathematical theory of acquisition, processing, analysis, recognition and understanding of images of biological objects.
Computer graphics and visualization in computational biology.
Algorithmic, software and hardware processing of biological information.
Pattern recognition in computational biology.
Methods of biological information storage and organization of its digital archive.
Search methods of biological images of certain features.
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