International conference "Probability Theory and its Applications"


International conference "Probability Theory and its Applications" 

Moscow, June 26-30, 2012

In Commemoration of the Centennial of Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko (01.01.1912 – 27.12.1995)

The Conference is supported by:

  • The Moscow State University M. V. Lomonosov;
  • The Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS;
  • The Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics.

Presidium of the Organizing and Scientific Committee:

V.A. Sadovnichiy, V.V. Kozlov, Yu.V. Prokhorov, A.N. Shiryaev, V.N. Chubarikov, V.A. Kashtanov.

The thematic section list is the following: 

  • Limit theorems;
  • Stochastic extreme value theory;
  • Queueing theory;
  • Mathematical reliability theory;
  • Actuarial mathematics;
  • History of mathematics;
  • Teaching of mathematics.

Each session will include a 45-min invited talk and 25-min talks.

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