International scientific conference "The role of international, interstate and national IT standards in the development of fundamental and applied science"


The Second International Conference

 "Standardization, certification, ensuring efficiency, quality and safety of information technology"

 IT Standard 2011.


October 11-12, 2011, Moscow, 



The main organizers of the conference are:

Russian Foundation for Basic Research;

FA "Rosstandart";

RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment;

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences;

Secretariat of the Customs Union within the Eurasian Economic Community;

Economic Commission for Europe;

The Union of Directors of IT (SoDIT);

Supported by the Bank of Russia.


Organizing Committee:

Anshina ML - SoDIT;

Babayan EB - NP ANDK;

Golovin, SA - RSPP, TK-ITC-22;

Gudkov DC - The secretariat of TC-ITC-22;

Kozhankov YA - Secretariat of the Customs Union within the Eurasian Economic Community;

Kostogryzov A. - IPI RAS;

Kuzmin S. - UNECE

Petrov AB - MIREA;

Timofeev Yu - Bank of Russia;

Yakimov OS - Interstandard.


The main topics of the conference:

IT standards for the creation of a single information society, the common customs union;

Standardization in the field of information technology security;

Standards of IT - Director;

Standards to ensure interoperability;

Architecture and standards of integrated intelligent systems provide a comprehensive enterprise security.

IT Certification - technology.



For information call:

+7-495-678-31-45,  +7-903-265-85-05. Gudkov Olga K..


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