Within the REENFOR-2014 with support from The Ministry of education and science of Russia, RusHydro, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and other REENFOR Partners planned to hold a series of conferences, meetings, seminars and youth scientific schools on topical issues of development of renewable energy.

REENFOR-2014 Events:

  • Conference "Renewable Energy - a ground for high-tech economic growth"

30 May, 2014, Sochi.

The conference is held within Sochi Spring Forum on Energy Efficiency and Innovations

  • International conference "Renewable energy. Applied aspects of developments and practical use"

The conference will be held with  - 10th International Conference "Physical-chemical problems of renewable energy"

30 June – 2 July 2014, 
Chernogolovka, Moscow region.

REENFOR-2014 participants are also invited to take part in:

 - International meeting on "Fundamentals of solid state ionics", 3-5 July 2014

During the meeting will be organised Scientific school for young scientists on impedance spectroscopy.

3 – 5 July, 2014, Chernogolovka.

  • International Forum “Renewable energy: Towards Raising Energy and Economic Efficiencies” – REENFOR-2014

10-11 November 2014, Moscow.

Young professionals wishing to participate in REENFOR-2014 are inviting to IX scientific youth school "Renewable Energy Sources".

11 – 13 November, 2014, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow.

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