Grateful Letters

Gratitude for the introduction of an educational platform EveryCom


To Director-General NP "ANDK"

Evgeny Babayan


Dear Evgeny Borisovich!

         I hereby express my gratitude for the implementation of educational platform for the organization EveryCom distributed work in our laboratory. The introduction of the platform allowed to organize remote lectures, seminars.

     I learned about your involvement in the project to establish information and communication infrastructure of the emerging national competencies and qualifications in the direction of the "Young Professionals" Agency strategic initiatives.

         I think the formation of this system of strategically important undertaking in the preparation of young professionals who can solve the most difficult tasks in the innovation strategy formed the economic development of the Russian Federation.

      Given the experience of the successful application of IR developments "ASBC" in the organization of the laboratory methods of mathematical physics, geometry, Moscow State University, believe that the NP "ASBC" can realize the desired project quality, at an appropriate time and with all the requirements of the customer. I also think backlog, a significant competitive advantage for the project team to develop the National System of competences and qualifications. project that will solve all their tasks on the organization of the system, and internationally.

         In case of need, ready to provide all possible assistance in this project.

Deputy Head of the Laboratory of geometric methods of mathematical physics

Docent L.A Alanya.

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