Grateful Letters

30th International Gemological Conference


To Executive Director of the NP "ANDK"

Mr. Sharov, AN


Dear Alexander!

      Held in July 2007, 30th International gemological conference continued traditional meetings and exchange of experience gemologists from different countries, first by putting them in Russia.

      Conference participants - more than 130 delegates and observers from 25 countries - appreciated the attention and care extended to them by the organizers largely due to the contribution ASBC in the preparation and conduct of the conference.

      Please accept my sincere gratitude to all your staff has done a lot work to organize the conference in Moscow, as well as tours of the participants in the cities of Russia and Yakutia.

      We hope for further cooperation with your agency, we wish you every success and his staff.

30th IGC Organising Committee Deputy Chairman

RAS Corresponding Member


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