17 -19 November, 2015, Crimea, Yalta

7-th International Beaver Symposium


7-th International Beaver Symposium

Voronezh, September 14-17, 2015





NP ANDK is arranging a 3 rd International scientific-practical conference "Standardization,certification,supporting effectiveness,quality and information technology safety.


 3 rd International scientific-practical conference "Standardization,certification,                                                                             supporting effectiveness,quality and information technology safety

"IT-Standard 2012"

October 16-17 2012, Moscow. MGTU MIREA.

The purpose of the conference:

to estimate a progress of intergovenmental standartisation, certification and estimation in It-sphere; to exchange knowledges and expirience about IT-technologies in government control, customs unium,  e-Government, companies management.

The conference is supported by:


RSPP Committee of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment;

Committee of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Security business; 

Russian Academy of Sciences; 

Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences;

Secretariat of the Customs Union within the Eurasian Economic Community;

Economic Commission for Europe; MIREA Bauman;

The Union of Directors of IT (SoDIT); 


Supported by the Bank of Russia; 

With the support of the RFBR.

Organising Committe:

Anshina M.L. - SODIT

Babayan E.B. - ANDK

Getman N.I. - RCCI

Golovin S.A. -  TK-ITC-22;RSPP

Gydkova O.K. -   Secretariat of   TK-ITC-22

Zazhigalkin A.V. - F Rosstandart

Zakharov V.N. - IPI RAS

Kozhankov U.A. -  Secretariat of the Customs Union within the Eurasian Economic Community;

Kostogrizov A.I. - IPI RAS

Kydelkin V.A. - consortium "Integra-S"

Kyzmin S.I. - UNECE

Locmanov A.N. - RSPP

Oleinikov A.Y. - IRE RAS

Petrenko A.K. - ISPRAS

Petrov A.B. - Bauman MIREA

Sigov A.S. - Bauman MIREA

Sokolov I.A. - IPI RAS

Timofeev U.A. - Bank of Russia

Yakimov O.S. - Interstandard


The main tendency of conference:

• Information society. E-government.

• IISVVT - application of standards, codes,online forms of documents in interests of economical growth of Economic Community member states

• Standardization in area of IT-security

• IT-standards in the IT-directors management

• Standardization in sphere of interprofitability + Softool 2012

• Architecture and standards of integrated intellectual systems providing composite company security

• IT-technologies sertification

• IT-competence standards

• Student section


Conference will be conducted in a  plenary meeting format:

• The first day will be devoted to discussion about conceptual ways, including a bodies of state power  speeches, science, business and indusrty  speeches 

• Second day - sectional meeting. Discussing problems and ideas about the main streams of conference.

To get more information call us:

+7-495-678-31-45, +7-903-265-85-05. Gydkova Olga Konstantinovna.ИТ%20Стандарт%202012.aspx





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