17 -19 November, 2015, Crimea, Yalta

7-th International Beaver Symposium


7-th International Beaver Symposium

Voronezh, September 14-17, 2015





“Turbulence and wave processes”, dedicated to the centenary of Mikhail D. Millionshchikov


Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is organizing the International Conference

“Turbulence and wave processes”, 
dedicated to the centenary of 
Mikhail D. Millionshchikov (1913-1973).

The conference will be held on November 26-28, 2013 in Moscow

The Conference will be held at the new Lomonosov building of Moscow University, at the address: Lomonosovskiy prospect, 27-1. 

The goal of the conference is to celebrate the contribution of Mikhail D. Millionshchikov to turbulence theory made and also to discuss the modern state and perspectives of turbulence theory and the theory of wave processes in all aspects and applications. 

Scientific committee

Vladimir Fortov (co-Chairman, RAS), 
Victor Sadovnichy (co-Chairman, MSU), 
Grigory Barenblatt (Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, University of California at Berkeley), 
Georgy Golitsyn (Obukhov Institute of Atmosphere Physics of RAS), 
Vladimir Karlikov (MSU), 
Valery Kozlov (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS and MSU), 
A.N. Lagarkov (ITAE RAS), 
Аlexander Leontiev (Institute of Mechanics of MSU), 
Igor Lipatov (TsAGI), 
Vladimir Nakoryakov (Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of Siberian Branch of RAS), 
Robert Nigmatulin (Shirshov Institute of Oceanology and MSU), 
Nikolay Ponomarev-Stepnoy (RAS), 
Tudor Ratiu (MSU and EPFL (Lausanne)), 
Yuri Ryzhov (MAI), 
Eduard Son (Joint Institute of High Temperatures of RAS and MIPT),
Vladimir Zakharov (University of Arizona and Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS).

Organizing committee

Vladimir Chubarikov (co-Chairman, MSU),
Yuri Okunev (co-Chairman, Institute of Mechanics of MSU), 
Grigory Chechkin (MSU), 
Natalia Denisova (MSU), 
Dmitry Georgievsky (MSU), 
V.A. Knyazev (NRC "Kurchatov Institute"), 
M.A. Lebedev (RAS), 
Dmitry Millionshchikov (MSU), 
M.I. Monastyrsky (ITEP).

The conference is expected to be organized in three sections:

  • Theoretical approaches to turbulence;
  • Turbulence in nature, fundamental and applied research, experimental study of turbulence;
  • Turbulence in heat physics and industrial applications;
  • Mathematical Physics.

It is planned that the program will consist of three to four daily 50-minute invited plenary lectures, several daily 30-minute session talks and several 15-minute session talks. In addition to sectional talks, a scheduled poster session will be held on one of the working days of the Сonference. 

Official languages - English and Russian. 

A Book of Abstracts will be published before the beginning of the Conference. The Conference Proceedings will be published later.

More information about the conference


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