Russian Forum Infocomm Development in Russia in the transition to the information society


The main theme of the forum was to analyse current condition of the branch, to clarify driving powers and restracting factors of progress, and also to discuss solutions about transformations in Russian informational sciety. At the same time experts have a unique opportunity of taking part in making new optimum ways of their implementation. Also there will be discussed some other questions: Government and infocommuncation sector roles in developing an information society, innovations in sector, changes in sectors paradigma, new technologies changing  infocommunication aspects, convergence and transformation in business, new ways of sectors science revival, effectiveness education supporting and nation manufacture rebirthing. 


  • State Duma 
  • Council of the Federation
  • Russian Ministry of Communications 
  • Ministry of Economic Development 
  • Industry and Trade
  • Ministry of Education
  • Rossvyaz
  • Roskomnadzor
  • local government
  • non-government organizations
  • Scientific collaborators

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