Direct communication is indispensable, but, unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to attend some event.

Video communication system is our additional suggestion to the conference organizers.

With the help of video communications system one can take part in some event at a distance.

Translation mode allows not only to hear the speakers, but to see what's going on in the hall as well.

Video conferencing allows you to make presentations and answer the participants’s questions (both in the audience and online ones) at a distance.

This feature allows you not only to expand the audience, but also attract additional resources in the event budget.

All you need to participate online is an Internet access and accessories available to everyone. A headset is enough is you would like just to view the event. In case you would like to take part in it and make some presentation, you shall need a video/webcam.

The system includes the unlimited number of participants, joint work opportunity, invitations distribution, and record of all the events, that one may use later for some kind of video archieve, pulls, etc.

The system was tested in the RAS at the end of 2009. Non-commercial partnership "Agency of the Scientific and Business Communications" expresses its great appreciation of Sciences Department of Biological Sciences RAS, that turned out be the pioneers with all the difficulties of testing the system for its further implementation. Special thanks to Associate Professor of Chemistry Boris Gottich, academician Alexey Rozanov and vice-rector on scientific and organizational work of the Pushchino Natural Science Institute, candidate of biological science Kharlampiy Tiras. Since then the system has been redesigned and currently the solution is completely ready to use.

By integrating this system with an electronic university you can arrange additional training for employees. The RAS includes a great number of scientific institutions, many of which organize training courses for graduate students. By using uor system its organization would be much easier. You would not have to leave your office, house or apartments. You simply turn on the computer in the appointed time and find yourself on a regular chair whith the students already waiting for you. This system allows to conduct tests, create the required courses and fill them with the required file formats.

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You can test for free the system we use to organize video conferencing and provide remote access for participants and speakers.

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